About the Bead Journal Project

The Bead Journal Project was started in 2007 by Robin Atkins. Members commit to making one piece of work a month which features beads in some way. The idea is that each piece reflects something about your month. The original 'rules' said that your pieces for the year should all be the same shape and size although over the years I think this rule has been relaxed.

I've been lucky enough to be accepted for enrolment for 2016 and I can't wait to get started. I've already spent several hours browsing work from previous years. Here are a few I particularly love although I was spoilt for choice and could have shown hundreds more.

This first one is by Carol Harper who combines the bead journal project with a crazy quilting journal project. This is her piece for November 2015.

This one is by Angela Grasse. She designed the fabric herself.

And possibly my favourite. It's by April Zobel.

This is just a minuscule sample of some of the work done over the years. I can see myslef spending many more hours browsing.

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