About me

I'm a working mum with three children in their teens/early twenties. I have a long suffering husband who knows that once I start reading a book, drawing zentangle or designing mandalas then he's on his own. He works longer hours than me so in theory I'm supposed to do more of the housework and cooking but it doesn't always end up that way.

Here is an example of a design which took me every evening for about a week.

And here's the state of the house as a result...

Ok, so that doesn't look too bad - but if I tell you the grey bag contains the remains of a packed lunch that's been there for four days you'll get the idea. 

I live in the UK near the East coast which is great for walking - another good chore dodger. I am the least photogenic person I know but if you want to know what I look like, this was me a couple of years ago.

Maybe more than a couple of year (maybe 40?) 

Anyway, I've started this blog for three reasons:
1) To share various bits of art I've done
2) To get the hang of this blog malarky
3) To dodge more chores

It's working great so far!



  1. wow,i like this mandala a lot. I believe that you are doing the right thing, by sometimes creating inspiered art....instead of cleaning.

  2. Yes - the cleaning only comes back again anyway! I love your blog by the way. Your art is amazing.

    1. http://akua-art.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. You forgot to mention that you have a nice sense of humor and are a terrific artist!

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