Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - Art Deco vase, Passau

Super pleased with this one.

This is based on an art deco vase that I saw in the glass museum in Passau, Germany. Passau itself is lovely, on the banks of the Danube and with a great cathedral but the highlight for me was the glass museum. I love glass so I went into the museum which is situated in a hotel. I was expecting it to be a couple of rooms at most but in fact it covers several floors, dozens of room and thousands of pieces of decorative glass. The building itself is lovely too.

I took dozens of photos and there are several other pieces that I might use as inspiration but this art deco vase caught my eye and I'm really pleased with the way the design has turned out. Here's the vase.

 And a close up..

And finally, a close up of my hand stitched applique which I'm pretty please with. (The fabric is greener that it looks here.)

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