Sunday, 12 November 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - A house in Cochem

We spent three weeks this summer camping in Europe. We went through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, quick trip to Switzerland then back through the same countries but via a different route. I took dozens of pictures of things I thought would be good inspiration for textile work and I'm now planning on producing a large quilt/wall hanging made up of lots of different pieces. I finished the first.

This piece is about 13cm  15cm and is embroidered using whipped back stitch and satin stitch. The fabric is more sandy coloured than it looks here. There's also some gold fabric paint on it. It was supposed to be light brown but I only had gold and I think I like it better.

 The inspiration for this piece was a painted Bistro in Cochem which is on the Mosel river in Germany. We only stopped briefly in Cochem for lunch and we didn't actually eat in the Bistro but I spotted it as we walked past.

So now you get the idea for the Summer in Europe Quilt. I'm busy working on the second piece now. (In fact my hands are covered in dye.)

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