Monday, 20 November 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - Church Window Dinant

The second piece for the Summer in Europe quilt is finished. It's based on a stained glass window in the Notre Dame church in Dinant, Belgium on the Meuse River.

I learnt a lot from this. Originally I was going to make it using English Paper Piecing but I quickly discovered that I didn't have either the patience or the skill. In the end I used an applique bonding technique with couched thread between the pieces. I left a gap between each piece which was a mistake. I thought it would give me a clear line for couching in but as I worked the fabric began to fray. If I'd butted the pieces up against each other the couching would have secured the edges. As it was I had to sew round every piece after I'd finished the couching.

I'm quite pleased with the colours. I didn't have much red fabric so I dyed some. I've rinsed them thoroughly but I hope the colour doesn't run.

I'm also quite fond of the back of this. I just like the different threads.
 But the thing that I've really learnt this time is that I need to spend more time on the design stage. I sketched the window quickly and made the decision to shorten it to three panels as the original five panels would make it too tall and narrow for my overall design. I didn't look carefully enough at the design though. Here's the original photo.

See where have I gone wrong? 

The actual design should have been the one in the middle. I mistakenly drew it with two extra lines, as in the diagram on the right. I wish I had used the design as it should have been; it has a more modern feel to it (and it would have been less pieces!) Still, I'd give the final piece 7/10 so that's not so bad!

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