Sunday, 12 November 2017

Embroidery - Denim and Onions

I have a fairly ambitious plan in mind for a large piece of textile art which needs some thinking about so in the meantime I wanted to work on something that would be completely free form and wouldn't require much thought. This was the result.

The cloth was a piece of silk I had over and some stuff I bought in second hand shops. The blue was from a little denim dress and the other bits were all originally white or cream but I dyed them with onion skins (my favourtie dye.) It's very much in the style of Jude Hill and I used her technique of weaving strips of material to make the base. I'm not sure I'd do that again as I don't particularly like the squares it produces. I love the embroidered circle with the different colour blues - it's also inspired by Jude Hill.

The flowers were cut from and old table runner. I added a thin silver stitch to accentuate the pattern. The onion dye took on almost a greeny colour here.

I'm not going to bind the edges of this. I like the unfinished look. And now on to my grand plan...

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