Sunday, 22 October 2017

Celtic Tree Cross Stitch

I finished this cross stitch this week. I started it about 30 years ago! I did a cross stitch for a friend's wedding then decided to design my own. I drew it out and managed to complete the dark blue border (but not the light blue filling), the bat, mouse, butterfly and half the dog, and then I stopped.

It sat in a box for a very long time, moving house with us twice. I'd left the needle stuck in the material (I never do that now) and by the time I picked it up thirty odd years later it had left a nasty rust mark.

Luckily most of the rust was on the border but there is one mark hidden under the flower by the snail.

I'm particularly pleased with the eagle. It's so long ago I can't remember how I went about designing it. Maybe I copied it from somewhere?

I've framed it as it seemed to deserve it after taking so long to finish.

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