Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Fourth Textile Postcard.

Once again I'm really pleased with myself. This is my fourth textile postcard with close ups.

This time I've used just backstitch, with  a tiny bit of running stitch. The reason I'm particularly pleased with it is because I developed the design from an object I saw in Vienna museum. I often take photos with the plan of using them for inspiration for textile work but never manage to achieve it. This was quite simple as I basically copied the design but I did adapt the birds and arrange the different elements in the way I wanted so all in all it's a small step forward for me.

This was the original object. He's quite small (about four inches high) and difficult to photograph because he was behind glass.

He is about 4000 years old and from Egypt. He's now in the Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna and you  can read about him here if your German is better than mine.

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