Saturday, 11 March 2017

Fabric Manipulation Dice

I bought this book recently.

And I made this.

Well really, I just made some samples, but once I'd finished I realised I had six of them so I sewed them together and stuffed it. In a way, turning them into a dice ruined them because they looked better flat but never mind, it's hanging in my sewing room now.

The book is fantastic because although it's all in black and white, it's full of just about every pleat, tuck, gather, or any other way of manipulating fabric you can think of. It's like a reference book for fabric art. The textures shown in the examples in the book are just wonderful so to celebrate fabric in all its glory here are some close ups of the six practice pieces I made.



    Pin tucks

    Knife pleats

    Suffolk puff (or yo-yo)

    Twisted tucks

So now I just have to decide what to make with some of these techniques. I have a few plans but they need some development so I think I'll mull it over for a while.

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