Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bead quilt - Tortoise Cave

This piece has been in my head for a long time; designing the fabric to the final stitches has been over a year. As always, it's different from how I envisioned it would be but luckily, I like it.

It started with the fabric which I designed and got printed up by the company Print Me Pretty which I blogged about here.  The design for the fabric came from a picture I found online. I thought it was an abstract painting and I felt a bit bad about using it without permission but I've just searched for it again and it seems it's a photo of a piece of gold marble taken from a website about internal decor here so now I don't feel quite so bad, though maybe the photo was copyrighted (in which case I apologise.)

Here's the original photo on the left and the printed fabric on the right. I do own an iron though you wouldn't know it from the fabric.

I'm not sure how clear it is from the picture but basically I altered the colours slightly, then had the central square expanded to make the background. The narrow purple ribbon on the final piece is over the narrow purple square you can see on the fabric.

I tried a few new (to me) techniques on this embroidery. Here are a few close ups.

   The cord was made by wrapping embroidery  
   thread round a plain white cord.

    I've used running stitch here which is
    something I wouldn't usually think to use.

The mesh behind yellow section which you can see a close up of in the picture bottom right above is a mesh ribbon which  I bought.

 I originally called this piece 'cave' as the fabric reminded me of a cave - which is odd because at that point I didn't realise the picture was from a block of marble. You have to look quite carefully to see why I added 'tortoise' to the name. Unusually for me - no buttons!


  1. This is beautiful! And so much thought and work has gone in to it.

  2. It is done so beautifully and with finished work. using custom fabric printing for fabric also gives better look for this kind of project.