Sunday, 22 January 2017

Embroidered Mandala

I've finally finished the embroidered mandala which I started several months ago. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out but it took a very long time and, to be honest, I got fed up doing it. I enjoyed designing it and it was fine when I started but after that it got a bit repetitive. I embroidered it on white cotton initially but I've now put it on to some ice dyed fabric which I made some time ago and I've turned it into a cushion. Here it is.

And here it is on the bed with some other cushions (which I didn't make), and a close up.

The embroidery is mostly long and short stitch with some kind of outline stitch (I forget the name of it) for the black lines. And here's a closer shot of the whole thing.

I decided to do a mandala after seeing some mandalas which a friend of mine drew. This is one she painted on my hand. Beautiful.

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