Tuesday, 27 December 2016

December 2016 Bead Journal Project

The 12th and final piece.

I'm really pleased that I've managed to complete every month of this project, even if a couple were a little late. Like many people I have a habit of starting things but not finishing them so it's nice to have managed this. Also, I haven't actually posted anything but bead journal stuff for about four months because I'm working on an embroidery that is taking me a long time to finish so it's nice to have some quick pieces to vary things a bit.

One of the things  I did at the start of this project was prepare all the little squares in advance. Each one is about four inches square and I knew if I made them each individually I would end up getting behind because I would be too lazy to get the sewing machine out every month. I prepared about four back in January using a variety of fabrics, then the rest around April, choosing which one to use each month. This worked well in the sense that I always had one handy and could get straight on but it did mean that as the year went on I had less and less choice. This wasn't a problem until the final piece. The last one I had left was originally light blue. It was a batik piece that you can see here. (It's the last picture in the post). I just wasn't feeling light blue for December so I over dyed it with a purple dye. It's the only piece of the year with a different colour backing cloth now but that doesn't really matter. You can hardly see the batik pattern but purple felt much better. 

I started the year using silver to represent hope. This year has been pretty good on the whole so I  chose five silver swirly beads to represent the five members of the family, linked with silver beads. The purple represents all the good things that have come our way this year. It's more of a summing up of the year than a piece about December but that seems OK as January was more of a thinking about the year ahead too. Final close up.

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