Wednesday, 16 November 2016

October Bead Journal Project 2016

Here's October which I did a couple of weeks ago (in October - honestly)

 The fabric is a piece I dyed using the shibori method. I love the wavy patterns and when I tried to make something out of it before I felt I spoilt it completely because my design went against the lines of the dye. (It's here but don't look - I don't like it much.) So this time I heeded the lesson and allowed the lines to dictate the pattern. I was also careful not to overload it.

It fits this month well as it has a sea feel to it and I've been dabbling in and around the sea quite a bit this month. On the first of October I had my last swim in the sea for this year. I was walking up on the Norfolk coast and the sea looked so wonderful I couldn't resist so went for a quick dip. I've also had several walks along the Essex coastline in the last few weeks including a lovely ramble with a friend and her dog. A few of the silver charms on this piece were given to me by that particular friend.

This month's piece was not made at home for a change. A colleague and friend of mine invited two of us round for a 'crafternoon'. She has the most gorgeous flat full of all kinds of interesting things. It was a lovely environment to while away an afternoon of sewing or other crafty things. I didn't quite finish the piece so did the last bits at home.

As usual there are a few elements I'm unhappy with. If you look closely you can see the pink pen line where I marked the fabric out with the wrong pen. I did this on several pieces and have been able to cover most of them up but I felt it would have spoilt the design of this one so I'm hoping it will fade over time! Here are a couple of close ups (carefully avoiding the pink line!)

Well I thought it was in focus when I took the picture. Never mind.

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