Friday, 23 September 2016

September 2016 Bead Journal Project

I'm wanting to get on with a particular embroidery at the moment but don't have the right threads so I thought I'd do my September Bead Journal Project while I'm waiting for the other thread to arrive. Here it is.

Once again it didn't end up how I imagined! I thought this one was going to be blue or grey but I was drawn to the orange again. Perhaps it's because the weather has been as warm as August for a few days.

I didn't think too hard about this - just kind of went with how I felt. I  think it reflects the cautious optimism I'm feeling at the moment. All five of us in the immediate family have started either new jobs or new roles  over the last month or so and so far things seem to be going OK for all of us. The mental health issues which several of us suffer from seem to be under control at the moment and generally things seem on an even keel. But I always feel things can change quickly so I think perhaps the thin lines represent the slightly precarious nature of life, even though the beads suggest bright things at present.

The material is a batik I produced some time back.

I have just realised that this month's piece breaks one of my self-imposed rules. There are no buttons!!! I will have to add something in one of the gaps. I'll post a revised photo when it's done!

Edit - it has taken me about a month to add one button! I've updated the picture above. I think it was worth the wait as it's a lovely button I ordered online from Czech Beads. Here's a close up.

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