Sunday, 18 September 2016

Goldwork Pomegranate

This last week or two I've been doing some traditional embroidery. Here's the result.  It needs a better photo.

This was an unusual piece for me. Partly because it's a more traditional embroidery than I usually do and partly because it was following someone else's design. It's based on a design printed in Inspirations Magazine issue 61 and I first saw it on Mary Corbet's website NeedleNThread. 

I wanted to try it as I was fascinated by the whole goldwork thing and also, I wanted to see if I could do something which required a bit more skill in terms of the embroidery. I used Mary Corbet's site a lot for advice on transferring designs, stitches, finishing and framing. She really does cover everything you need to know. 

On the whole, I'm very pleased with the result although as always there are things that I learnt and would do differently next time. I'm particularly pleased with the leaves and red part of the pomegranate which were done in long and short stitch. The were supposed to be in different coloured silks to create a shaded effect but I couldn't seem to get that right so I just concentrated on making it as even and smooth as I could and I think it came out pretty well. Here are a couple of close ups.

Once I'd finished I liked it enough to frame it but it was a but grubby, despite my rigorous hand washing and covering it with a clean pillow case.

Putting it in a bowl of water was terrifying but I just about got away with it.

Then I stretched it on a cork board - all proper like.

And here it is all framed.

The goldwork of the stem did crumple a little when I washed it. I should have washed it completley flat, but it doesn't look too bad. In fact the photo doesn't do it justice but it's the best I could manage on a dull day. Might try again at a later date.

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