Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bead Journal Project August 2016

Here it is.

I've gone in completely the other direction from the last few months' minimalist approach! This month I've been taking inspiration from Sharon Boggon's website, Pintangle, where, among other things, she features very sumptuous embroidered surfaces. I made my Sumptuous Zebra after spending many hours studying Sharon's work. When I sat down to do my bead journal piece it seemed appropriate to use the same crammed style because August has been a crammed month.

I'm lucky enough to have long  holidays as I work in education and often, in a very ungrateful manner, I get to the end of a holiday and feel slightly unsatisfied because I feel I've wasted a lot of time. That wasn't the case this year. This year we've really packed things in and the six week break included a music festival, a very active week in Derbyshire, camping in Ypres (Belgium), trips to the beach where I swam in the sea, walking, meeting up with lots of friends, preparing for my new role at work (hours of maths study!) reading, sewing and a whole lot of other lovely things. I kept a list and I don't think there was one single day that I felt was wasted - even days when I didn't do much were good. So for those reasons, I filled most of this months square with 'things'.

The fabric, which I sort of thought reminded me of the beach, especially with the added blue, is a piece of silk which I dyed some time ago with onion skins.

There's only one close up this month because apparently I wasn't able to hold the camera steady and the rest were all out of focus! (and this one's not too sharp.)

Can't believe there are only three months to go on this project.

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