Monday, 25 July 2016

Little Windows Beaded Quilt

I've called this a beaded quilt but by rights it's got more embroidery than beading. Here it is.

This is a tiny bit bigger than normal, maybe about 12" by 14" (haven't measured it). It was inspired by a piece of textile art called 'The Old Garden' shown here on the right by the Polish artist Bozena Wojtaszek. Her amazing blog (where you can buy her work) The Textile Cuisine, is here and the link to 'The Old Garden' is here.

I was quite pleased with my effort until I took another look at Bozena's and now I realise I've still got a lot to learn!

Here are a few close ups.

I've just noticed that most of these are sideways but never mind. All of the fabrics (apart from the backing) are fabrics I've dyed myself. I do quite like the combination of different colours and textures. I'm also quite pleased with the black/brown back stitched flowers shown above left. I used a stamp to stamp on the design then stitched over it. This piece also has some stitches that were new to me including the braided chain stitch shown above right.

I seem to be moving more towards embroidery and away from all beads at the moment. I already have plans for my next piece but more about that later. 

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  1. Oh my, Saffi, what a nice surprise! It's a big pleasure to inspire someone and I really love the result.
    And believe me, I can also learn a lot from you!

    Now to take a deeper look around your other works :)

    Thanks for the mention and don't even try to put it down :))