Saturday, 28 May 2016

Beaded quilt - Homage du Koi

This piece started out as a way of practising free motion machine quilting. Then it had some beading and embroidery added and this is how it looks.

It gets its slightly tongue-in-cheek name from the red 'tail' on the right. I was trying to do some free motion embroidery and I started with a few loops but didn't like them. My daughter thought they looked like fish scales and encouraged me to continue so I 'looped' all the way down to the thin part then did some longer, thinner loops like the tail of a fish. Hence the name 'Homage du Koi'. As it turned out, the loops didn't look too bad in the end, confirming my view that with free motion embroidery you just have to go for it.

The yellow puffy bits  were also created with free motion embroidery. I had quite a bit of trouble getting the tension right on these and there are some unsightly loops of cotton on the back but I like the overall effect. The yellow puffy bit is created from some turmeric dyed silk I made.

I've used some ribbon on this piece, and also included some hand embroidery. Some of the quilting was done by hand too. All in all it was quite an experimental piece and I learnt a lot doing it.

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