Monday, 25 April 2016

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Cloud Stitch

Take a Stitch Tuesday
Ever since the textile course I signed up for got cancelled I've been looking for online resources that will encourage me to learn new textile techniques. Today I found Sharon Boggon's website Pintangle and spent ages browsing her blog. Sharon is an artist who specialises in hand embroidery and crazy quilting and she is another one of those lovely people who is prepared to share lots of the things she knows. Every Tuesday she runs a challenge called 'Take a Stitch Tuesday' where she teaches an embroidery stitch and invites participants to post pictures of their versions of it. I'm hoping this will be a good way to extend my skills.

Last week's stitch was cloud stitch. Here is my first attempt.

I'm pleased that I managed to get it so even and I like the difference in tone between the anchor stitch and the loopy connections. Then I thought I'd experiment so I tried doing two set of cloud stitch, one over the other.

Again, I like this. Naturally I wasn't satisfied until I'd added some beads so this came next.

I didn't anchor these beads firmly enough or get the spacing quite right but I still like the overall effect. Spot the extra cream bead where I ran out of green ones and apologies for the rather drunk looking bead bottom right.

Finally, there was a little bit of space left on the fabric so I thought I'd experiment with not leaving gaps between the anchor stitches and it looked like this:

I think it would make quite a nice fill. Here's the whole sampler.

Looking forward to next week's stitch.

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