Monday, 25 April 2016

April Bead Journal Project and a Problem Piece

This is my April piece for the Bead Journal Project.

I really enjoyed doing this one as I had a clear idea of what I wanted and it came out fairly close to how it looked in my imagination. I spent three days in Paris with my daughter at the beginning of April. The last time I went to Paris was over 25 years ago and I found it all a bit overwhelming then. This time, being older and wiser, I was able to take it in my stride and enjoy it more. Even though it was around Easter it wasn't hugely busy and we had a brilliant time. I chose some photos of the Eiffel Tower as my inspiration for this month's piece.

The photo above on the right is the detail I used to base the design on. Originally I planned to include the curls but it would have made it too fussy I think.

The one on the left with the tree branches gave me the idea for the fabric I wanted to use. Some time ago I experimented with designing fabric to be printed by a company called Print Me Pretty. One of the fabrics I got printed up was a blue fabric with twigs and blossom on it which I made using a photo of one of the trees in our garden and a lot of photo shopping. Here's the fabric as it looked after printing.

Might have helped if I'd ironed it before taking the photo! I've only used about a quarter of it. It makes quite a handy background for embroidery as there's a bit of texture without a regular pattern. I find if the fabric is too patterned it takes over the design of a piece.

I've prepped several squares for the Bead Journal Project now. One of my favourite pieces of fabric has been sitting ready made for four months now but I've realised that, although I like the fabric very much, I don't quite know how I would bead on to it. The fabric is confetti dyed and the design is quite delicate so I feel that any beading will just cover up the nice bits of the fabric. I'm thinking I might do something very minimal which I find difficult. Here it is below. Any ideas for how to bead it?

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