Thursday, 31 March 2016

Porthole beaded quilt

I've just finished this little quilt.

I called it Porthole. It's made using applique and reverse applique. The two fabrics are natural dyed silks. The background pink is dyed with avocado and the mottled front piece was dyed using eco printing with leaves. 

I didn't really plan this piece and it just evolved. I mostly like it although possibly some of the pink and purple 'filling' beads are too straight lined - I need to develop a filler that leaves more of the background fabric showing and is less formal. I do like the three lines of pale beige beads with the multicoloured strands laid over them and might use this as the basis of another piece.

The whole thing is quite small, about 7" square. Here are some close up.

I especially like the little curly ammonite beads. They are quite versatile as they're silvery grey on one side but jet black on the other. They came from my favourite bead shop, the Spellbound Bead Company in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

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