Monday, 15 February 2016

Robin's cross bead quilt

As I've said before, I'm a great fan of bead artist Robin Atkins whose free ebook, One Bead at a Time got me started on this hobby. I've named my latest bead quilt after her as it's practically a direct copy of work Robin made in 2011 for the Bead Journal Project.

Here is my piece:

And here's one of the 12 she made which inspired me. It appears on her blog here.

bead embroidery on quilt block by Robin Atkins, bead journal project 2011

Robin made twelve in all, one for each month, and although the colours vary the layout is the same in all of them. 

Even though mine is a very close copy of Robin's work I'm pleased with it for a number of reasons. Firstly, I like the balance between the fabric and the beading. I quite often use so many beads that you can't see the fabric and although this is sometimes what I want, in this case I wanted the batik to be part of the design. The orange batik is bought material but the blue round the edge is a batik material that I made back in August. It's always satisfying when I find a use for my own dyed material. 

Secondly, I'm pleased with the colour choices. I usually struggle putting contrasting colours together and I spent a lot of time trying out different pairings till I settled on the turquoise/orange, pink/green combination. I think they work nicely together. 

Finally, I just like the overall texture of the piece. There's enough variety to make it interesting but enough common elements to tie it together nicely.

I'm a great believer in learning from others and I'm thankful that people like Robin are prepared to share their work through blogs as an inspiration to folk like me. 

And the obligatory close up.

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  1. Lovely!!! I like the texture very much, and the scale of the beads you used. You didn't mention if there is a "journaling" aspect to your pieces, as there is in mine. Mine represents the intersection between me (in each of the 12 pieces) and something or someone else important or compelling to me at the time I made it. In the example Saffi shows, it is the intersection of me (in pinks) with our harsh (but beautiful) winter weather during the month I worked on it.