Monday, 14 December 2015

Organising ribbons

There's something very satisfying about organising materials.

Starting with this...

A nice new stationery box, some cardboard from some cereal packets, three little Ferrero Roche boxes and some loom bands to hold the loose ends and you end up with this...

The thin ribbons in the larger Ferrero Roche box are all cut from clothing. You know the little ribbon loops you get inside the shoulder of blouses and dresses to hook over the coat hanger? Well I always cut them off as I find they tend to stick out of the neck line when I'm wearing them but I don't like to throw them away as I think they might do for an art quilt.

Eventually I might transfer all the spools onto cards and arrange them all by colour but at the minute I don't have enough to worry about. A satisfying hour or so.

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