Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sari Squares bead quilt

A few months ago I bought four damaged saris over the internet. Although they're sold as damaged there are literally yards of perfectly good material in each piece. The pictures are here.

Although it was hard to take a pair of scissors to them, I finally did. I've made a small beaded quilt with squares of the sari material joined with navy blue ribbon. I tried lots of different coloured ribbon but the blue was best as it seemed to bring them all together. I've tried not to overdo it with the beads either. This is the final result. It's about 13" square.

I like how this has turned out. I've done a close up of each of the squares below.

I did plan to include some embroidery and there is some on the yellow square but I didn't particularly like it and I didn't enjoy doing it much either so I went back to just beading for the other squares. This afternoon I'm going to play around with some more of the material and see if I can create some interesting fabric from it.

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