Monday, 2 November 2015

Fabric design and printing

There are a number of companies now where you can upload designs and have them printed on to fabric so I've been experimenting with this. I used Print Me Pretty which is a UK company.

The first set I did were based on some photographs of pebbles I had. I wanted a set of three fabrics that could be used together so I used to alter the photos till I had three designs; small pebbles, large pebbles and lines. The original designs were grey and brown but at the last minute I changed the colour to pinky-purple and I wish I hadn't now but there you go. You have to fiddle around so that the repeats work. There's a tutorial on the site showing you how but because there was no blank space in my designs it was pretty tricky. Here are photographs of the three pieces of fabric all printed up.

The lined one was created from this picture which I took on a beach in west Scotland about three years ago. I like the lined piece better than the pebbles.

I didn't really feel the photos worked that well, so next I worked with an idea based on a mosaic. I created the mosaic outline then experimented with different background and colours. In the end I had two pieces printed. The first is a fat quarter which contains three different coloured mosaics plus some blocks of the background designs and some plain colour. I think this might cut up nicely for beading. The second pieces is a test swatch (20cm x 20cm) of one where I coloured each tile by hand - took ages. Here they are.

The final piece is another test swatch of a design I made based on a photo of some Moroccan tiles. I think I like this one best but it might be less useful for beading on to.

I got the repeats wrong in this and if you look closely you can see that some of the 'flowers' are a mix of colours, either half and half or in quarters. I don't think it matters, in fact I quite like it.

This particular company only prints on cotton though you get a choice of two different weights. You can order as little as a swatch patch (20cm x 20cm), or a fat quarter (50cm x 56cm), a tea towel size, or metres in two different widths. You can also make your designs public for other people to order.

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