Monday, 2 November 2015

Donegal bead quilt

We went on holiday to County Donegal, Ireland this year. We stayed in one of the cottages you can see in this picture with the beautiful beach nearby.

On one of our trips to the beach I collected lots of shells which I decided to use for a bead quilt. I also bought a scarf in a charity shop which I used as the background fabric, and collected some sheep's wool from a fence. The beads were ones I already had. This is the final piece. As usual it's about 12 inches square.

And some close up...

I quite like it but I think if I did something like this again I would leave out the wool, do the whole thing smaller and just cover it in shells. I'm not sure how robust it will be. I think if you move it about too much the sharp edge of the shells might cut the thread. I've already had to do one repair. I also think the little mussel shells are in danger of escaping their tethering - we'll have to see.

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