Saturday, 10 October 2015

Silk Sampler bead quilt

Now I've produced so many pieces of naturally dyed silk I thought I ought to do something with them. Some of the pieces are quite small and I wanted to use as many as possible so the best plan seemed to be a little beaded quilt with lots of little sections like a sampler. I deliberately chose bead patterns that left lots of fabric showing as I wanted the dyed silk to show and when I go 'free-style' I end up covering the fabric completely. This is the final piece. It's about 13 inches square.

And some close ups.

And here is the quilt before the beads were added.

All of the fabric apart from the ribbon binding is silk which I've dyed using natural dyes. The dyes used include onion skins, cherry leaves, turmeric, wine, red cabbage and rosemary.

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