Monday, 19 October 2015

Confetti dyeing

When I was researching ice dyeing I came across this post by Carol Eaton on confetti dyeing. It looked quite difficult and very messy but I gave it a go. Basically it involves sprinkling on powder dye and then spraying it with water. Initially I tried using a tea strainer as Carol suggested but after a while I found I preferred sprinkling it by hand. Here are some of the first results.

This one is the brown iced dye piece I showed in the post ice dyeing part two. I sprinkled it with dark green. There's a detail below. I think maybe it was better without the green!

Detail of brown piece.

This one is yellow and green sprinkled in stripes.

This one is actually sprinkled with dark brown and pebble beige but the powder was sprinkled very thinly and so the granules didn't have a chance to mix, leaving it mostly blue, red and yellow with no brown at all.

This one dark green, sunflower yellow and rosewood red (I think - I didn't make notes!)

This one was jean blue and burlesque red. Instead of leaving it flat I hung it on the line and sprayed it with water to make the dye run. 

Here's a close up of the drippy one.

Then I saw a striped pattern that Carol had done so I had a go. It's done by folding the fabric concertina style and sprinkling the top with dye. I really like this one. 

This last one was made on pale blue fabric. I folded it concertina wise one way, sprinkled dye on it, rinsed it after a couple of hours then folded it the other way and sprinkled it again. The dye was jean blue. Here it is with the first lot of dye on.

And is the the gorgeous final result.

And a close up.

I think, over all, it's quite hard to sprinkle the dye effectively. Folding and doing stripes is easier and I actually like the results better so I might experiment with that a bit more later.

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