Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sari material

I found a brilliant shop on ebay that sells cheap, damaged silk sari fabric. The fabric comes in 4 yard lengths.

The ones I bought had a pattern one end and then either a plain or simpler pattern for the rest of the fabric. Some have a border. They're only hemmed on three edges and they're advertised as being damaged or faulty in some way. I bought four and am really pleased with them. One of them was very thin and I damaged it slightly when I washed it as I twisted it a bit to ring it out. I've found that the fabric is really fragile when wet, but actually quite tough when dry. Some of the pieces have thin patches, the odd stain or mis-prints in the dye and one was quite dirty but now they've been washed there are yards and yards of material ideal for embroidery or other crafty stuff. Actually, some of it would be fine to make blouses from too. And at only £8 a piece, I think it might just be the best £32 I've spent in an age. Even the postage was free.

They really are beautiful and it's difficult to get a real feel for the colours or shine from the photos but here are the other three. I've photographed the patterned ends and a bit of the plainer part. Each one is folded roughly in three so as you can see, they are big.

They were difficult to film as the slightest breeze wafted them about. Also the rabbit kept getting under my feet.

And here's a collage showing two close-ups of each piece.

As these were bought for embroidery or quilting I know they have to be cut up but it's going to be hard. I chopped about a foot off the bottom of each one quickly before I could talk myself out of it so I have some small pieces to start with but I think it's going to be hard cutting into the patterned ends.

Incidentally, they are really silk. I checked using the burn test on a tiny bit, so even with the marks and small tears they are really worth having.

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