Monday, 14 September 2015

Natural Dyes - eco printing results

A few days ago I experiments with eco-printing, mostly on paper but also on a little bit of silk. The details are here. The results are patchy in every sense.

First of all, the silk. I did two pieces in the stack which was steamed, and one piece rolled and steamed. I've since seen a post where the fabric is sandwiched with a layer of polythene or cling film. I think this gives sharper results as my prints are a bit swamped by the colours coming through from both sides. Anyway, here they are. First the two that were in the paper stack.

Next, here is the rolled one. There's also a rolled cotton strip but I haven't opened that. The silk has had two days which is enough but the cotton will need longer.

Over all I feel they are a bit murky and indistinct, but there are some nice details after they'd been pressed which I might use. Here are a couple of close ups.

The paper was varied too but some of it is really nice. The two pictures below show my favourite piece before the leaves were removed and then after the leaves were removed and it had been dried and pressed.

Interestingly the piece above is on the cheap printer paper, not the nice thick acid free watercolour paper. It's definitely the darkest piece. I wonder if the acid helps bring out the colours. Some of the others worked quite well too. Here is a selection of the best.

I now have a nice stack of paper to go with all the other things I haven't yet used.

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