Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beaded quilt - Blue Wave

I've finished the little blue quilted square that I quilted a while back and pictured here.  The crazy thing is I've covered it entirely with beads so you can't see the lovely quilting! The shape of the quilting did influence the lines of the beads but really, I must learn to leave gaps. Here it is.

I'm generally pleased with it though there were a few things I would have changed. The pearly star shaped button top right got a bit swamped and the blue in the top right hand corner doesn't have enough contrast but hey ho.

A few close ups:
I really like the pale shells against the blue beads.

This is me showing off because I've finally worked out how to use the macro setting on the camera.

I really like this bit - I like the contrast of textures between the little cream seed beads and the other jumbled cream beads and I also like the little bits of pink here and there.

And I like the way the seed beads dip into this unusual holey button. Wish I'd done the same with the other two.

Unusually for me, I'm pleased with the colours in this piece. I picked the blue background just because I have a lot of blue material but then I used a picture and paint.net to select the colours. Basically, I chose a picture I liked then used the dropper tool to select between three and six colours. I did this several times and then chose the one I liked best. This was my 'inspiration'.

I think I'll use this method again.

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