Friday, 21 August 2015


I'm busy working on the 'Silver Mine' bead quilt but today I fancied a change so I spent the afternoon trying out batik using wax instead of flour this time.

The results aren't great but I learnt a lot so I'll probably try again some time. I was a bit limited with colours as I only had a few last little bits of fabric dye. I heated the wax in a tin cup over the cooker and carried it to the table to work but it cooled down quite quickly. Once it starts to cool, even though it's still liquid it doesn't seem to penetrate the fabric as well so next time I'll probably work next to the cooker so I can keep it hot.

I just used tea light for the wax. I chopped them up and took out the wicks. I bought about a hundred really cheaply ages ago so they were ideal. The only specialist equipment I used was a tjanting like this one on the left. I also used a paintbrush and in some ways that was more successful as the tjanting was a bit too fine.

Here's the work midway.

And here are the final pieces. The colours don't show well at all. This first one was an orange material with a green dye and is quite bright.

 I covered this completely with wax and crackled it.

This is the flower one. They are very pale but do look good. The original fabric was a mottled green and I dyed it a darker green.

The next two are actually purple with some shiny bits.

This is pale blue, purple and pink. It's much paler and more colourful than the picture shows. I've already got plans to have another go so hopefully I'll sort out the photography by then.

 This is blue on pink fabric.

I've had real trouble photographing these so sorry about the quality.

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