Saturday, 23 May 2015

Polymer Clay buttons

I imagined some buttons that I want to use for my next beaded quilt and as they don't exist I had a go at making them out of polymer clay. Of the 27 buttons I made I like about 15 of them and plan to use about three!

Here they are:

26 Polymer clay buttons, various designs

And some not-entirely-in-focus close ups.

Three blue Polymer clay buttons with printed design

Four cream Polymer clay buttons with brown printed design

Large green Polymer clay button with brown printed design

Three green and cream Polymer clay buttons, one with printed design and two marble effect.

I used inked stamps to add the design. I'm assured that if you bake them long enough they are fully washable but since they are going on a beaded quilt I won't be testing that theory. It's bad enough when you wash a tissue in the machine; the thought of polymer clay clogging up the works doesn't bear thinking about. 

In  the end I only used four of the buttons. Here they are on 'The Green Pathway' with a bought button before all the beads are added.

Five green buttons sewn onto cloth, four grouped together and one slightly set apart.

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