Saturday, 23 May 2015

Flour Batik

I seem to have a pathological dislike of green clothes and never wear green, so this week when I was looking through my scraps bag for some green material I couldn't find any at all. It was Sunday and the material shop in town was closed so I decided to dye some cloth using a flour batik technique that I used a while ago. This is the cloth I produced.

I'm really pleased with it and it's already attached to the middle of the next piece I'm working on.

Flour batik works like batik with wax except you use a 'batter' of flour and water (equal quantities) instead of hot wax. You can find lots of instructions on line. I used these. I didn't bother with the alum or stretching the fabric either. What makes it interesting is that if you but the batter on thick it blocks the dye and you get a white patch, but where it's thinner it seems to attract the dye and you get darker lines. The piece above is made by squeezing  the batter on using a clean shampoo bottle, letting it dry then spraying green and brown fabric dye on to it. Once that has dried you pick off the flour then wash, dry and iron the cloth. 

Below are some photos of the first batch I did using a purple dye. 

Here is the batter with the shampoo bottle ready to be filled. (The salt isn't used - it just happened to be out on the side.)

Here are the 'battered' pieces.

Once the batter dries you spray it with dye (or I suppose you could paint it on.) Here's one of the pieces with the dye sprayed on to it. I've cracked the thick bits to let the dye seep through.

These are the four final pieces.

In this last one you can see how I cracked the two right hand shapes but not the left hand ones. Here's a close up of part of the curly one. I think the photo looks better than the actual cloth!

Just to finish off, here's a close up of the green cloth.

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