Sunday, 3 May 2015

Experiments in beading texture - two

This is my second piece of texture practice. This one is based on a section of Nancy Smeltzer's quilt 'Elements - Earth'. Here is the section of Nancy's quilt.

As with the last experiment, this is only a few inches big and I made mine bigger and in different colours. Having learnt my lesson from last time I used different fabrics for the background and tried to mix the beads up more. This is the result.

It's still not Nancy standard but I'm pleased with it. I think maybe I've left too much space this time but never mind. Also, I need to work out how to get better photos - the beads at the top of this are a lovely deep purple but they look like quite a dull black in this picture. I didn't worry too much about shaping the red and purple fabric as I just wanted to see what the effect of different colours was. Here are a couple of close ups. 

The other major change with this piece is that it's padded like a proper quilt. All my bead embroideries so far have been done on flat cloth with iron-on interfacing on the back. I couldn't really see the point of using wadding (or batting I think it's called in quilting) so I haven't bothered before. This time I thought I'd use a thin layer and I have to say it makes the beads sit better and it doesn't make it any harder to sew so I think I'll keep using it.  

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