Sunday, 3 May 2015

Charity Pink bead embroidery - the plan

When I was at my local Oxfam shop the other week I found a jam jar full of beads that they were selling for £1.99. I think they had filled it with beads from necklaces they couldn't sell. I've challenged myself to make a bead quilt using only the beads from this jar. Here are two shots of the jar ...

...and some close ups of the contents

The fabric I'm going to use are fabrics I already have so this is going to be a cheap project for a change. I've chosen six fabrics though I doubt I'll use them all. From top to bottom they are: a slub silk that I bought about a month ago; some jacquard type ivory coloured cloth left over from covering the cushions on our sofa; a stripey pink that my daughter made a T-shirt out of (it's a bit stretchy so I might not use this); some plain white cotton from an old sheet; some floral pink stuff that I can't remember the origin of; another floral piece from a set of patchwork squares I bought.

Next job is to sort some of the beads and decide on the layout of the cloth. 

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