Saturday, 23 May 2015

Charity pink bead embroidery finished piece

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a jar of beads I bought in a charity shop and the fabric I planned to use. I've finished this piece now and it was a really interesting piece to do as I was constrained by the beads I had.

The final layout of the cloth looked like this:

Patchwork of pink and cream fabrics with pink border.

I didn't use the striped material or the plain white in the end. Once again my photography has let me down a bit - I'm too impatient to wait for proper light and just stick it under the dining room light which isn't great (but you do get a glimpse of my nice oak table.)

This is the finished piece:

Embroidery piece made of patchwork of pink and cream fabrics with variety of beads sewn on

All the while I was sewing it I had it turned the other way, with the pearl shape running up the right hand side, but now it's finished I like it better this way. Because I was short of beads, having limited myself to using only what was in the jar, I had to spread out the background beads quite a bit but I quite liked the effect in the end. I desperately need to learn how to bind the edges properly. The truth is, once I finish sewing on the beads I just want to get on to the next piece so I don't take time finishing it off properly.

A couple of close ups:

Close up of Pink bead embroidery showing purple ceramic butterfly bead, oval pearls and small gold and white beads

Close up of Pink bead embroidery showing floral fabric with small pink and purple beads

Close up of Pink bead embroidery shwoing pinky coloured stone chip beads, black and silver beads, small white square beads and small purple beads.

And all I had left was some of the nice irregular shaped pink stones which I plan to use in my next piece, and the beads below which were either too big or broken.

bag of large beads, pearl and other sorts

All in all, quite a nice little challenge and certainly the cheapest piece I've made so far.

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