Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Button jar from Norwich

I spent the day in Norwich today (that's Norwich, Norfolk, UK) and found a couple of good little places. The first was a bead shop called Raphael Crafts which is at 45, St Benedict's Street. They already have a shop further up the road at 33 which sells jewellery. You  can find them on facebook here. I bought some lovely beads including some very reasonably priced bags of seed beads and some lovely silver charms. The lady who runs the shop was lovely too.

After that I went to an antiques market inside an old church. It's at St Gregory's church between Pottergate and St Benedict's Street and has about thirty stalls with a huge variety of objects from stuffed badgers to antique glass and jewellery. There were lots of things which caught my eye but in the end I just bought a jar of buttons! It was a bargain with about 160 buttons for £3 which works out at less than 2p a button. Here they are:

There are some really unusual ones. This one was hard to photograph. It's like a cube that's squashed sideways - a bit art deco.

Quite a few are a combination of metal and plastic.

And some are quite delicate.

Very pleased with the find.

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