Sunday, 5 April 2015

Beaded T-shirt

Took a bit of time off from the large orange embroidery to do a macintosh style flower on a black T-shirt belonging to one of my sisters. She drew the design for the rose. At first I started filling it with lines but this looked too formal and too heavy so I unpicked that and filled it with random beads and french knots instead. In this picture you can see one section of each before I decided which I liked best.

This is a close up of the beads and French knots.

And here's the final design.

Mixing the beads with the French knots gave it a better texture and it also meant it wasn't quite as heavy - I think if I'd used more beads the design would have dragged the T-shirt out of shape - it's on the shoulder.

Quite pleased with it in the end. Hope sister likes it.

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