Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bright White Bead Embroidery

During my foray into crazy quilting I came across some lovely embroidery stitches so I thought I'd do a quick piece of beading combined with embroidery. I kept it all one colour so that the beads and stitching would be the 'main event' and since I always like white I went with that. I found it really difficult to keep the piece clean no matter how many times I washed my hands and the velvet ribbon in particular is looking a bit grubby. I haven't dared try to wash it yet.

Here's a close up - there's a bit of shadow I'm afraid.

And here's a close up of one of the embroidery stitches which inspired me in the first place. It's called cloud filling stitch and you can find instructions for it on the DMC stitch guide page here (you need to scroll down quite a long way.)

My least favourite part about beading is binding the piece at the end so I've been cheating and sewing the edge before I start the beading. I do a really lazy edging which just involves turning it under and sewing over it. It only takes a few minutes and it stops the material fraying as you work but of course the piece goes out of shape as you sew and your left with warped edges. I'm planning on doing a small 'trial' piece next so I might make the effort to bind it properly (which probably means it'll never get bound at all!) 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rose Central Crazy Quilting completed

A while ago I posted pictures of a crazy quilting block I'd made which was ready for beading and embroidery.

block of crazy quilting style patchwork in blue and brown fabrics with large blue rose in centre

 This is the finished piece.

crazy quilting block featuring rose

I have to say I'm not entirely sure it didn't look better without the embellishments! To be fair, the photo doesn't do it justice and I think it looks better in real life. Anyway, here are close ups of two of the corners..

small brown beads with ribbon and embroidery

small beige beads with brown ribbon on brown fabric

And my favourite part - the rose.

Blue and beige rose decorated with beads

Beaded buttons

Had a quick go at beading buttons and found it much harder than it looked. The first one I did by by drawing the circle on the material, beading it then covering the button. I was a bit slap dash with the drawing and as you can see it's not very round.

Beaded button featuring purple and pink beads

With the second one I covered the button first then sewed on the beads. It's come out better but it nearly destroyed my fingers trying to get the needle in and out at awkward angles. I really needed a curved needle but I didn't have one and clearly, I couldn't wait two days - it had to be done right NOW. 

Beaded button featuring purple and pink beads

Might try again at a later stage.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Crazy Quilting - Rose Central

I've got two or three things I want to try next so I'm going to keep them all quite small so they don't take too long. I've discovered crazy quilting and I want to combine this with bead embroidery. I have lots of material scraps but inevitably ended up buying new and these are the six I chose to use.

The colours haven't come out well here. The two plain fabrics at the back are blue although they look quite green here. They are from an old pillow case; the one on the left is the cotton back and the top right is silky with a slub effect. 

This is what I came up with once I'd done the quilting bit. It's about 8 inches square.

I have been told I should leave it as it is but the desire to add shiny beads is just too strong so watch this space...

Bead embroidery 'Joy'

I've finished the orange/pink/purple bead embroidery that I named Joy. I did originally take some pictures at the beginning where I'd stitched the materials together before I added the beads and buttons but then I accidentally deleted the pictures before I managed to upload them. Anyway, here is the final piece.

Orange pink and purpled beaded quilt embroidery in sunburst design

It's quite large and I wished it was smaller by the time I was half way through. It measures about 13 inches square without the border. I've promised myself I'll go smaller in future as I get bored easily, although the size did allow plenty of space for variety.

Here are a few detail shots.

Variety of bead detail including pink button flower, purple bead circles and gold buttons

Detail showing purple beads shaped like flowers and clear beads

Detail showing rows of purple beads and small pink and purple flower shaped buttons

Beaded T-shirt

Took a bit of time off from the large orange embroidery to do a macintosh style flower on a black T-shirt belonging to one of my sisters. She drew the design for the rose. At first I started filling it with lines but this looked too formal and too heavy so I unpicked that and filled it with random beads and french knots instead. In this picture you can see one section of each before I decided which I liked best.

This is a close up of the beads and French knots.

And here's the final design.

Mixing the beads with the French knots gave it a better texture and it also meant it wasn't quite as heavy - I think if I'd used more beads the design would have dragged the T-shirt out of shape - it's on the shoulder.

Quite pleased with it in the end. Hope sister likes it.