Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Brave new (bead embroidery) world

Although I was really pleased with 'Under the apple boughs' (the bead embroidery I posted about last time) I had played safe in terms of colour as it was more or less monochrome with lots of different shades. I'm determined to be more adventurous, and I also want to do some beading where the fabric forms part of the overall design so I've bought/gathered the following pieces of material:

I spent an unholy amount of money of buttons, beads and ribbons:

And once again my rather crumpled bed sheet features heavily in the photo - though I don't plan to include it in the final piece.
At the moment I'm calling this piece 'Joy'. Not sure what it's going to look like yet - I need a few days of looking at the materials before I pick up the scissors and begin...

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