Monday, 26 May 2014

I am the Diva zentangle challenges

Every week Laura Harms at I am the Diva  publishes a zentangle challenge. It's a lovely way to stretch yourself a bit as it makes you use tangles you might not use otherwise. I had given up on Punzel as being too difficult until Laura put it into one of her challenges and now it's one of my favourites. It's also great to look at other people's entries as it gives you loads of ideas (and inevitable makes you wish you were better at it!)

The three designs below are all responses to the Diva's challenges. They are all scans and have not been digitally altered apart from a tiny bit of brightening where the image was a bit dark at times.

This one was a response to the theme 'earth day'. It include Mooka, Sandswirl and Sanibelle. I particularly like the fact that I managed to leave some white space though I wish I'd curved the top right hand side of it. Never happy!

Zentangle featuring Mooka, Sandswirl and Sanibelle

This was a challenge to use Punzel and Well. It took me about a week of practising Punzel before I was happy with it. House was a total mess by the end. (Nothing new there then.) 

Zentangle featuring punzel and well

The last one is for the challenge to use Somnee, which is a tangle designed by Laura Harms (the Diva). I've teamed it with Vigne and something else which may well have a name but I'm not sure. Just to give you an idea of size, the sketch book is about 21cm x 15cm. I attempted some shading in this one - verdict - successful in places. 

Zentangle using somnee and vigne

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  1. Oh look at you giving all your tangles proper names (I had no idea they had names). Did you draw these by hand??? They are fab. My fav is the last one with the flowers and Somnee - although I've no idea what somnee is.