Monday, 26 May 2014

Art Deco mandala and Ivy mandala

I was quite keen to use some art nouveau style ideas to create a mandala, and then I realised that I didn't know the difference between art nouveau and art deco. I'm still not entirely sure but the mandala below is definitely more deco than nouveau!

Art deco inspired mandala in blues and purples

It's not based on any one source. I started out with the triangular wedge shaped sections and went from there. 

In the same way, but completely different style, the design below started out with one ivy leaf, and then grew. 

Mandala featuring blue and red roses and green ivy trail

This is one of the few pieces I've done where I actually quite like the colour. 

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  1. I would say the first is definitely Deco and the second definitely nouveau and as Deco is my favourite that's the one I really really like.