Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Eurovision embroidery

I haven't had much time for sewing recently and I wanted a quick project just to get me doing something so I invented a mini challenge. My daughter came over to watch the Eurovision song contest with us and before it started I made her choose one piece of fabric, three types of beads and five strands of embroidery thread from my sewing room. I only gave her ten minutes to choose and she got a bit stressed but appeared on time clutching the goods. I added a second piece of material (the turquoise) and voila - an embroidery which I rather like using colours and combinations I would never have chosen but which worked well.

You  can see from the close up that it's Sharon Boggon inspired.

And I enjoyed Eurovision as well. I've just noticed that I forgot to remove the guide stitches from the embroidered circle! I'll snip them out later.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Take a Stitch Tuesday around week thirteen

I haven't had a lot of time for sewing in the last month or so but I have managed to keep up with TAST. Here's the shirt so far. I guess this is about a quarter of the way through the year so I hope I have enough room for the rest.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Summer in Europe Regensburg Door

This one has driven me crazy but I like the outcome. It's all done in gold thread and the close up shows the shine better.

This is based on a door in Regensburg, Germany. I think it might be the Bishop's Palace but couldn't swear to that. You can see the door here. 

Initially I started doing this design in gold beads, but I decided it wouldn't fit with the overall quilt so I started again. Then I made the big mistake of using metallic thread for couching. It would have been fine using the metallic thread for the top thread but I also used it to stitch the top thread down and that caused endless problems. The top thread is all 6 strands of DMC  metallic embroidery thread and it's stitched down with a single strand of the same thread. It's a very rough thread which catches easily and then tangles or the shiny bit comes away from the inside nylon thread. I have a very fine, strong, smooth thread specially designed for use with gold work which I should have used which would have halved the time spent on this at least. 

Once I'd started though, I didn't feel I could switch threads so I persevered, swearing and snarling all the way. Just to test things out, I did use the smooth thread for the final outside line, and it worked like a dream so lesson learnt. If you look at the close up I think the smooth thread looks better than the metallic thread too so I wish I'd used it from the start.